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Multi-choice with Multiroom

Maximise your TV with multiroom installation

Make the most of your TV today with multipoint TV installation and Sky's very own Multiroom package. With a multipoint system you can have two televisions playing different channels at the same time. This will work for most cable and satellite services. Sky's Multiroom package works specifically for Sky.

Our multipoint TV installation services

  • Multipoint TV installation for most types of packages

  • Sky Multiroom installation

  • Sky Multiroom setup and services

  • Freeview and Freesat multiroom services

  • Make the most of TVs around the house

  • For commercial customers too

  • Multipoint systems for hotels, restaurants, pubs and offices

  • Expert services in providing multipoint systems

Got a fault? Call today

We provide a comprehensive support service for TV, satellite and digital TV customers. We can help you to get the right reception, fix faults, tune your TV correctly and fix aerials and satellites.

Multiroom installation for Sky customers, call:

Own a commercial business? We can help you make the most of your current TV installation with multiroom setup and multipoint TV installation.


We have been providing our aerial and satellite services to the Paignton and Totnes areas for years, so you can trust in us!

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